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Be My Valentine

Show our shelter pets you love them while supporting lifesaving work!

Spread the love this month! Send a candygram to one of our animals and make their Valentine's Day a little bit sweeter.

How does it work?

Donate online today and send a candygram to a shelter pet. You can pick your own Valentine by providing their name in the form below, or we can choose a special animal for you.

What's in one of our candygrams?

- Dogs will receive a festive treat (heart-shaped jerky, frosted milk bones, and more)!

- Cats will receive a Valentine's Day themed toy to play with while they are with us and to take to their furever home!

- Sweeten the gift by writing a custom messae to your Valentine that we will read to them and post at their door!

Every animal deserves some extra love this February!

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Minimum payment $10.00.
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