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Kitten Match is a fun program for people who are looking for a friendly, easy going, playful kitten. Or Kittens! Want two? Just fill out options for first and second kitten in the form below. 


We match kittens based on:

-Gender: We will always find you a kitten that matches your gender preference.

-Age: We will always find you a kitten that matches your preference of the below age ranges (give or take a week).

-Color: We will do our best to find you a kitten that matches your first color choice, but if one is not available we will match with your 2nd or 3rd color choice.


We are not able to match kittens based on:

-Hair Length: Kittens hair length may change as they mature, so what we see now is not a guarantee.

-Exact color: Some kittens may have a mix of colors, or come in different shades.


Kitten Match may be right for you if you are looking for a friendly outgoing kitten, have a general idea of what you want, but are flexible, and love a good surprise! 

Kitten Match may not be right for you if you need to see or meet your kitten before taking it home, have specific hair length or color requirements, or are not sure what you are looking for. 


The Process: 

Once you have given us your selections, we will get to work finding your match. Our goal is match you within a week. Please note certain selections are more rare and might take more time to find your match (*see below). Once your match is found, you will be contacted to schedule a pick up appointment where you get to see your kitten for the first time!


Resources while you are waiting for your match: 

Check out our feline adoption guide at:

Join a Kitten Q&A Call: Details will be provided in your confirmation email.


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We will email you to schedule the day and confirm your pick up appointment time! You must pick up kitten within 48 hours of being matched. We will do our best to select a pick up time in the window you chose.
Second Kitten Adoption
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