Puppy Socialization (In-Person) - Starting 10/07/23 at 9:00 AM

Have a new puppy? Looking for puppy socials with a little bit more? This 3-week course offers all the fun and social learning of puppy socials, PLUS:

  • Transform your puppy-gator into a nice, sweet puppy by learning bite inhibition
  • Reduce leash reactivity by teaching your pup to tolerate other puppies playing.
  • Enjoy safer play dates and outings with your pup by learning appropriate dog-dog play.
  • Bomb-proof your pup to neighborhood distractions with environmental enrichment.
  • Have better control of your pup by teaching them to come away from play; BE the most fun to your pup!

**Puppies must be 18 weeks or younger on the first day of class. This is not an alternative to puppy training classes; basic training behaviors will not be covered. We recommend this course as a supplement to Beginning Puppy Training. 

  1. All sessions will be in-person at HSSV
  2. Please bring pups on a flat, buckle-style collar. In addition to the collar, the pup may wear a harness, which can be easily removed for play. NO PRONG OR CHOKE COLLARS.
  3. Bring a 6-ft NON-RETRACTABLE leash
  4. Please bring a variety of tasty treats for your pup, cut up small.
  5. Only 2 handlers per puppy will be allowed in this class
  6. Please no children under 12 years old without prior instructor approval 


Things to know before registering:

1. Your puppy must be 8 weeks - 18 weeks old by the start date of the class. No puppies over 18 weeks please! 

2. Your puppy must be at least 10 days past his/her first vaccines by the first day of class. Proof of vaccines will be required. 

3. Puppies that are aggressive to dogs or people are not appropriate for this class. If your puppy has aggression not related to play, please reach out to us for alternative training options.

4. Class will run for 3 weekly sessions, meeting on the same day and time of the week. This class starts on Saturday, October 7th from 9:00 - 9:50 am.

5. The last class in this 3-session series will be on October 21st. 

Please note: Adopters and HSSV Volunteers receive discounts on training. Please reach out to dogtraining@hssv.org to get your code.

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Please note: If your dog will not be 18 weeks or younger on the first day of class, you are not eligible for this class.
Please note: You will need to provide proof of up to date vaccination records on the first day of class. If you adopted from HSSV, please plan to provide paperwork as our Trainers cannot access our medical system.
List all that apply: barks, growls, lunges, snaps, hides, ignores, greets other dog
List all that apply: barks, growls, lunges, snaps, hides, ignores, greets other dog
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